1. Mobile is the go to choice in the UK

Mobile first has been a clear trend in the UK over the last year and a half and the results of the survey show that the early adopters made the right move. Across six different product areas, there’s only one (computer software), where the mobile reach wasn’t greater than that of desktop. It’s a similar picture in Spain, where mobile leads but France and Germany are yet to catch up. Italy is mid-table on this measurement.

2. UK shoppers love to window shop online

For online stores keen to generate UK traffic, the survey revealed great news – UK consumers are the top shoppers within the EU5. Users in the UK spend over five hours per month browsing their favourite online retail sites, signalling a huge potential to draw in additional traffic, with Germany not far behind. In comparison, the other three countries spent significantly less time interacting with e-commerce stores.

3. Amazon dominates marketplaces

If you’re considering using a marketplace to boost your reach, the research leaves no doubt about which one you should be using – Amazon. Across all five countries, Amazon ranked number one. Focussing on the UK, the brand’s reach is 69%, demonstrating the huge chunk of the market it can give access to. Beyond Amazon, local marketplaces begin to emerge.

4. Multiplatform is a must

While the majority of businesses in the UK have recognised the need to deploy a mobile first strategy, the research is a reminder that it’s not an excuse to let desktop efforts slip. Over half (51%) of consumers will use both desktop and mobile to research and purchase. In contrast, just 29% will solely use mobile and 21% are desktop only. To succeed, retailers need to offer a functional multiplatform service and seamless omnichannel experience.

5. Reach across the EU5 is high

The overall reach that EU businesses can take advantage of is significantly higher than the global average, demonstrating that it’s an effective channel for almost all audiences. The EU5 score 84% on reach, 18 percentage points above the worldwide average thanks to high level of broadband adoption and logistic capabilities.