Black Friday statistics show most consumers are now using multiple channels to make a purchase and have an average of 4 touchpoints per transaction. What do retailers need to know to make the most of multichannel this Christmas.

Multichannel shopping – where consumers use a mix of online and in-store shopping to research and purchase a product – is not just a growing trend, it’s the new reality for most retailers. Recent data shows that in the US this Black Friday Weekend, 54% of shoppers used both online and bricks-and-mortar stores. With multichannel shoppers spending, on average, $94 more over the same weekend than single channel shoppers, mastering multichannel is a must for marketers this Christmas. Here’s a few of the best ways you can make sure your multichannel marketing is delivering a return.

Create A Seamless Brand Experience

To provide customers with a positive, efficient multichannel experience, your store or brand should feel the same, no matter where consumers find it. This is particularly important for returning customers purchasing through a new channel for the first time. Someone who has used your online store before should feel familiar when walking into your bricks-and-mortar store, and vice-versa.

Omnichannel marketing for multichannel customers

As multichannel shopping took off, many retailers struggled to streamline records across channels, with data often split between different customer touch points. These days, however, omnichannel marketing allows retailers an all-round view of their customers’ activity. Although ‘omnichannel’ has become a bit of a buzzword this year, all it really means is that marketers no longer silo customer data between channels. Machine learning is making this an easier task than ever before and giving retailers new kinds of insight into customer buying patterns. This also helps you to…

Know the most effective Channels for you

‘Omnichannel’ marketing does not mean you need to use every channel available to you. Customers like options, but it is much better to give a consistent and integrated experience through two or three channels than make a mess of many. That said, it’s important to also know what all of your options are. As well as your own website and high street stores, social media, marketplaces, comparison shopping services, and hybrid services like Buy Online Pay In Store (BOPIS) can all be effective selling channels, so its worth exploring which options you customers are using, and at which stages of the buyer journey.

How will you be making the most of multichannel shopping this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below, or contact Vendably today to find out how you could sell more, skilfully.