Pinterest has published its official 100 with one hundred trends for 2019. The site says it only classes something as a trend after itscommunity of 250 million users search for something more and more with eachpassing month, with the upward trajectory holding steady for a minimum of 6months. If an idea meets those criteria, it’s officially a trend.

In a statement, the image-sharing site said, “These trends are what the world’s most style-inspired, parenting-passionate, well-travelled, food-smart people are dreaming about for the year ahead. In a time when so much seems to divide us, these ideas represent what we share in common—from everyday inspiration to the epic dreams-for-someday stuff.”

As a retailer, the 100 Trends report is a great insight into not just the types of searches consumers are carrying out, it also acts as a barometer of what types of content Pinterest users are consuming most along with being a pretty good indicator of the types of products and services that look set to be popular on the site for the next 12 month. For its part, Pinterest says that for merchants, “This is your chance to get a jump on what’s inspiring people for 2019. These trends are what people around the world are dreaming about. Ask yourself: What products, services and other ideas can your business spotlight—in your stores or online—to help people bring those dreams to life?

So, what should we expect to trend in 2019? Take note if you operate in one of these areas:


Travel pinners are going back to basics with bus travel, off the beaten path destinations, high end and back to nature spas and health resorts, exploring zero-waste travel and planning autumn getaways.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Help your customers plan their next trip with bus- or bike-tour itineraries, or a zero-waste packing list for their next eco trip.

Health and wellness

Pinners in the health and wellness category are searching for superfoods like Elderberry, natural skin care remedies, DIY cosmetics like handmade soaps, looking for non-alcoholic drink ideas and looking up nutrition plans for healthier eating.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: If you’re in the hospitality business: trick out your amenities with ginger oil and goat milk soap, or give Health and on-the-go tips for working out with resistance bands.

Hobbies and Interests

Pinners are using Pinterest to help them turn their side hustle into a profit, discovering how to build a boat, making ceramics, body painting, using chalk to decorate things, taking photos of derelict buildings and sharing thrifty ways to cut costs.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Use chalk drawings, paint drips or peeling layers of wallpaper to liven up your storefront, product display or catalog shoot.


Pinterest is packed with inspiration for ways to mark life’s big (and small) occasions and in this sector, godparent proposals, donuts, backyard weddings, cakes, neon and crafty flower garlands are all trending.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Try creating a campaign inspired by mini moments, or transforming your retail space with donut or flower garlands.


Pinterest has 23 billion food and recipe pins, so how can you stand out? Pinners are flocking to healthy living ideas, oat milk, bread baking, foil packed dinner ideas, family style sharing platters, new fusion diets, mushrooms and superfoods.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Create a trend-inspired endcap display using lots of foil, along with some mushroom and chocho packed dinner ideas.


DIY projects make up 83% of searches in the home category – 2019 trends look set to be natural swimming pools, bold wallpaper, vertical gardens, fireplaces, yellow décor and geometric shapes.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Bring your store to life with clusters of cacti, or try a mashup of all your mustard yellow products together.

Men’s Style

Suave pinners are loving retro watches, mixed prints, denim, corduroy everything, scarves, flood-length trousers and one strap shoulder bags.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Style brands: Mismatched prints are slam dunks. They also work at home—couches! curtains! cushions!

Women’s Style

Office and special occasion searches dominate the women’s style category but in 2019 this will shift to incorporate a more sustainable preference. Bamboo bags, African print fashion, oversized square sunglasses, recycled clothing, robes and snake prints are all set to rule.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Add some animal attraction by using a snake or tortoise print as the back – ground for your next product shoot.


Beauty pinners are experimental and popular pins are predicted to be standout pouts, powder dipped nails, natural lash lifts, almond-shaped manicures, lilac and grey hair and fringes.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: People’s love for lilac likely isn’t limited to hair. Try experimenting with the colour in your own product line or advertising.

Kid’s and Parenting

56% of parents using Pinterest rely on it for parenting ideas and product inspiration. In 2019 this is likely to relate to geometric décor for a child’s bedroom, enchanted forest party themes, scavenger hunts, audio books for bedtime and smart sleeping aids.

Pinterest’s own business tip for this category: Help parents throw a kid-wowing forest theme party with enchanting product bundles and shopping lists.