Britain’s advertisers have shaved around £44 million off their TV ad spend for the final quarter of the year, marking a channel change from the traditional Christmas television adverts towards digital activities.

Festive advertisers are instead targeting shoppers through Google, YouTube and social media sales – despite a record £6.4bn record marketing spend predicted for the Christmas period. This figure, which is up £300 million on last year will be the most ever spent in the festive period, despite festive TV ad spend falling £44 million.

In contrast, retailers are expected to spend 12% more this year on digital media, at £3.5 billion. This is a £90 million increase on 2017 figures for the Christmas period. Around 10% of that will be directed at Google search ads, Facebook ad spend will account for £953 million, with online video advertising spend will be dominated by YouTube and account for £667 million, a 31% year-on-year jump.

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November online retail spending already tops $1 billion

Adobe digital insights is reporting that the holiday shopping season has begun already, initiated by Veterans’ Day in the US last weekend. It says in the first 12 days of November, over $1 billion was spent online, a figure which is consistent with 2017 spending levels.

Veterans’ Day Weekend was the catalyst for a flurry of online purchases, data shows with lots of deals and discounts encouraging shoppers to begin their seasonal shopping. There was a 29.1% growth year-on-year for Veteran’s Day itself and even higher spending the following day – which put Monday 12 November as the first $2 billion day of this year’s holiday shopping season.

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John Lewis says warmer weather is behind its slump

John Lewis says its fashion and homewares sales have slumped, leading to a drop in weekly revenue after weeks of consecutive growth, due to milder weather. The department store has reported that its overall sales have plummeted 8.3% with an 11.1% fall in fashion as warmer than expected temperatures mean winter clothing sales have stalled. The chain also says its homeware sales are down 11.2% – something it again attributes to the mild weather conditions.

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Aldi and Lidl out in front as Christmas race begins

Discount supermarket chains, Aldi and Lidl have stormed to the head of the pack as the Christmas race begins with shoppers making an additional 14 million trips to store in the three months prior to 12 November compared with last year.

Aldi has reported a 15.5% sales increase, the fastest since January and grown market share by 0.9% to 7.6%. This is the largest gain of any supermarket for four years.

Lidl is also faring well, with a double digit sales increase for the second consecutive month.

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