Aldi launches sub-brand to win high street visibility

Aldi is following in the footsteps of rival supermarket chains like Tesco and Sainsbury’s with the launch of a sub-brand called Aldi Local. Local stores are around 50% smaller than traditional Aldi supermarkets and will be hallmarked by high street storefronts.

It’s reported that while a standard Aldi supermarket is around 19,500sq ft, the local stores will be just 7,000sq ft meaning they’ll carry fewer items and instead focus on smaller, convenience goods. The first Aldi local store opened a few days ago on Balham high street in London stocking 300 fewer products than a standard store and with no special buys section.

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ASOS too much in demand as shares tumble

Online clothing retailer has revealed demand for its products was too much to cope with in the US – but key European markets are sluggish in an update to investors this week.

The fashion retailer says conditions in France and Germany are challenging currently, meaning its EU growth fell to 8%. At the same time, it appears to have been a victim of its own success with demand far exceeding expectations following its Atlanta, Georgia launch into the USA. Caught out by demand, marketing was suspended and there was a backlog of items to be dispatched explained Chief executive Nick Beighton. Overall, US performance has subsequently fallen short of what was expected, with sales dropping 3%.

The update comes on the heels of a December profit warning but, the retailer says it is increasing marketing expenditure and expects to hit its profits target in August. While a 25% growth has become the norm for ASOS, this year’s predictions are closer to 15%.

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Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus goes digital with New York store opening

The American luxury retailer Neiman has opened the doors to its cutting-edge new store in Hudson Yards, New York. The 188,000 square feet incorporates a wealth of digital experiences for visitors, with innovations including a Digital Style lounge, which connects customers with digital shoppers as they browse and interactive touchscreens in fitting rooms which allow shoppers to connect with store staff . The touch screens also allow shoppers to change the lighting in their dressing room while trying on items as well as checkout – from their cubicle.

Memory Makeover Mirrors are an additional innovation – they record beauty tutorials and demos and email or text them to the shopper. Audio services are also built-in, giving store shoppers control of the playlist.

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