£25 billion to be spent on smartphones in Great Britain this year

British shoppers are expected to spend £25 billion from their smartphones in 2019 – more than in any other year and more than that spent in shopping centres. The figures, from research carried out by uSwitch say that 30 million British consumers will shop via their smartphones this year, an increase of 66% since 2018. Just 56% of people will visit a shopping centre in comparison.

The £25 billion forecast is £10 billion higher than the amount spent last year, showing just how quickly shoppers are embracing mobile shopping. Convenience is the biggest driving force for this adoption, along with the ease of online payment systems such as Apple Pay. The ability to shop at any time, easily compare products and having a superior level of choice means many shoppers feel that online shopping gives them much better value for money than a physical shopping centre visit might deliver.

Clothes, books and groceries are the most popular of mobile purchases.

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Was Black Friday the Grinch that ruined Christmas?

The Office of National Statistics says Black Friday was the root cause of a fall in retail in December as more shoppers snapped up bargains during the annual sale to reduce the cost of festive gifting. The ONS says many shoppers started their Christmas Shopping on Black Friday, earlier than has been traditional, meaning December sales volumes slipped by 0.9% rather than the 0.8% that had been expected.

The drop is the largest monthly drop in around a year and a half with the National Retail Consortium saying it was the worst Christmas season in a decade for retailers.

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Amazon Launches New ‘Amazon for Teens’ Service

 Teenagers aged between 13 and 17 now have their own dedicated Amazon shopping platform following last week’s Amazon Teens launch. The platform gives teens their own account to shop online – though purchases must be approved by a linked parent or guardian account.

The experience works much the same as a traditional account, with the teen having their own log in and the ability to browse products, review recommendations and place orders for products such as books and DVDs. Parents can apply a budget to their teen’s account, giving the younger user freedom to purchase goods until that credit has been depleted, with no additional authorisation required for each order.

Amazon Teens also includes access to Amazon Prime.

Read the full story here: https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2019/01/amazon-teens-launched-allowing-minors-purchase-online/