For our final weekly statistics roundup of 2018, we’ve brought you some of the figures that will be most likely to inform your marketing strategies in the new year.

40% of marketers say they struggle with using data to bridge the online/offline gap

This survey of 900 marketers, from Criteo’s ‘State of Ad Tech’ report, shows that while more than half of respondents are connecting using omnichannel data strategies, many are still struggling to connect their customers online and offline lives.

With more and more consumers using multiple channels to shop, both within and between individual purchases, this is likely to be an increasingly important consideration for most marketers in 2019.

65% of all clicks by users who intend to make a purchase are on paid ads

Although organic search is still a good source of traffic for many online retailers, paid clicks are what is really driving sales. Almost two thirds of customers with intent to buy are clicking through paid spots on search results pages, meaning that while SEO is still important – particularly for customers researching products to buy later – those not using PPC to its full potential, including newer elements like Bing Shopping and Google Showcase Ads, are being left behind.

2 marketers in 3 plan to increase their Facebook Ad spend in 2019

Facebook Ads have gotten some bad press in 2018, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the United States Senate receiving a wave of unfavourable coverage.

Nonetheless, according to Hanapin Marketing’s State of PPC report, more than 60% want to spend more on Facebook advertising next year. Part of this trend is the drive toward personalisation, with Facebook allowing targeting on a variety of metrics you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re not already investigating social media advertising, you should be, since…

70% of marketers are using paid distribution on social media; 64% are using PPC or search engine advertising

From the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 Tends report, this one really took us by surprise. Social Media has overtaken Search Engine Advertising as marketers favourite paid content distribution channel, with seven in ten now using it. PPC and SEM isn’t far behind though, with 64% reporting still using it as a distribution channel. With more and more marketers turning to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat marketing going into 2019, and the increasing popularity of video marketing – which social media allows for but SEM does not – we could see this number going even higher by the end of next year.

23% of consumers have requested retailers delete their data

This according to Big Commerce’s 2019 Omnichannel Retail report, which indcluded an investigation into the effects of GDPR. With consumers now in much greater control over where they provide data and how it is used, marketers are having to be smarter in their data collection strategies. To make life harder, almost a quarter have requested that a retailer delete their data, which could undo years of personalisation work.

One way to combat this is offering rewards and incentives for customers willing to give up their information, as many are reporting that they will happily provide marketers with personal info in exchange for rewards or discounts.

Which stats and metrics will you be keeping an eye on in 2019? Tell us in the comments below.