With Black Friday Weekend drawing to a close, and Christmas just around the corner, here’s a few of the most interesting statistics we’ve found to inform your campaigns into the holiday season and beyond.

Annual spending on Marketing Automation Tools is Expected to Reach $25.1 Billion by 2023.

With the emergence of increasingly intricate data enhancement techniques and ‘machine learning’ technologies, marketers are exponentially ramping up investment in marketing automation tools. Having spent $11.4 Billion globally on marketing automation in 2017, recent research from First Forrester predicts this will more than double in just five years.

More Than Half of Consumers Are Willing to Share Personal Data in Exchange for Personalised Experiences.

That’s right, consumers are more willing than ever to part with their personal information, if they feel they are getting a more personalised experience in return. This could be a double-edged sword for marketers not currently personalising their advertising, as consumer preferences can quickly morph into expectations. In the same survey, Salesforce found that more than half (52%) of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t try to personalise communications to them.

31% of Marketers Do Not Collect Audience Data.

Considering that last statistic, this one is really shocking: 69% of marketers surveyed by Lotame for their ‘Data Activation & Success Report” reported collecting audience data to inform their efforts, which still leaves 31% collecting no data at al!

Of the marketers and publishers that do not collect data, 33% blame a lack of internal resources, 31% “don’t know where to even begin” and 21% “don’t have the tools or technology needed.”

Given the Option on a Page, 72% of People Will Watch a Video to Learn About a Product or Service, Rather Than Read Text.

HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound gives marketers one more reason to ensure video is part of their 2019 mix. Almost three quarters of users will watch a video over reading text when learning about a product, so we’re likely to see video make up an increasing part of the marketing process, supplementing sales copy as well as in traditional advertising spaces.

87% of Non-Brand Paid Clicks in Q3 Were on Google Product Listings.

Source: Merkele

Among the many insightful findings from Merkele’s Q3 Digital Marketing Report was that Google Product Listings now made up the overwhelming majority of paid clicks through the website. This is good news for the many retailers and agencies who have jumped on Google’s CSS incentives, but bad news for those still relying on text ads. If you’re not already using Shopping Ads, find out how Vendably’s Free CSS could help you sell more.

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