According to a study conducted in 2017 by Retail Dive, consumers are hugely influenced by social media. In fact, the research concluded that 72% of shoppers have made a purchase decision for a fashion, beauty or accessory product as a result of something they saw on Instagram.

The consumers taking part in the study that Instagram was their main purchase influencer, though 23% said Facebook most influenced their shopping decisions, followed by Pinterest at 22%.

This isn’t restricted to clothing and beauty either – 40% of millennials pick a holiday destination based on how Instagrammable it is, compared with just 20% who base their decision on cost.

So, how can ensure your social media marketing taps into these trends?

  1. Choose visuals with the ‘gram in mind

If your brand targets a millennial audience, choosing visuals which are Instagram-worthy is an absolutely vital part of your strategy. Highly aspirational images are a must, this will likely mean commissioning shots specifically for the social network as standard product images or visuals from your online store or catalogue may well miss the mark.

  • Consider working with influencers

Influencers hold a tremendous amount of sway, especially on Instagram. Working with the right influencer can have a direct impact on your sales figures. Featuring influencers in your imagery can also help your posts to stand out and grab user attention – plus you tap into their network of fans, exposing your brand to a bigger circle of customers.

  • Use the right hashtags

Instagram is driven by discovery and discovery relies on the right hashtags. To sell more through your social media activity, your posts need to be appropriately tagged so they are easy to find by your target audience. You can use a specialist tool to identify the right hashtags or, you can roll up your sleeves and do some manual research – look at the hashtags competitors use, hit search and click through to images that sit within your industry or demographic and shortlist hashtags that appear regularly.

  • Promote your best content

Every social network has promotion options. You can boost posts on Facebook or sponsor them on Instagram, just be sure you’re spending your budget and drawing attention to your best imagery, strongest content or most aspirational shots.

  • Try user generated content

User generated content adds authenticity to your social media presence and as per Google’s 2019 digital marketing predictions, user generated content is increasingly seen as a sign of information reliability.