They say that ‘Content is King’… and they’re right! Content marketing has fast become one of the most effective methods for lead generation, audience engagement, and for increasing conversions. However, there’s a big difference between creating content, and creating GREAT content that really hits the spot.

Here are 4 hugely effective types of content marketing tool that can give you a powerful helping hand:

1. Spelling and Grammar Tools

Did you know that 59% of website visitors will make a run for it if they see bad spelling or grammar? Don’t let simple mistakes stop your content from reaching your target audience. Spelling and grammar tools are easy to use and automatically pick up on any errors, giving you an opportunity to correct misspelled words, incorrectly placed commas, or any other issues before your readers can spot them.

If a tool like this is something you like in house, Grammarly is an affordable solution. It integrates with practically everything, from Outlook to Google Docs.

2. Topic Generator Tools

Creating content that really engages with the target audience is one of the biggest challenges for marketers today. Great content should be relevant and interesting, and should provide value to the reader. If you’re unsure what type of content ticks all 3 boxes, then topic generator tools can be useful. These tools analyse content that’s already out there, measuring audience engagement KPIs to show you what’s hot.

Buzzsumo is one such example of this kind of tools. It allows you to search for content that’s currently performing well. You have the option of a free or paid version too.

3. Keyword Analysis Tools

Even the very best of content can sometimes underperform, and that’s because it’s not getting seen by the right people, at the right time. In fact, consumer insights agency Nielsen reports that almost half of all content marketing campaigns don’t reach the target audience. Why? Quite simply, content may not be easy to find. Keyword analysis tools can help you to optimise your content for improved visibility.

If this is an area where you struggle, try Google Analytics. The Keyword Planner shows what your audience are searching for.

4. Rich Media Tools

Written content should be an integral part of any content marketing strategy, although visuals shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Visuals are instantly engaging, and video content ranks as one of the top performing forms of visual content, beating the likes of gifs and stock photos. Rich media tools can provide everything you need to plan, create, upload, promote, and share your video content.

Vidyard is worth a try here. It even allows you to create personalised videos for deeper targeting.

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