Content engagement has more ups and downs than a yoyo! When you publish a piece of content, you’ll likely experience peaks and troughs of success, with more views, shares and interactions when the content is new, and fewer as the post becomes older, and as the subject matter begins to fall out of style. It’s the natural lifecycle of content… but wouldn’t it be nice if you could derive a little more value from it?

That’s where ‘evergreen’ content comes into play. Evergreen content — much like the evergreen tree — is designed to stay ‘green’ all year round. It’s written to maintain its relevance and interest to readers no matter what the season, and no matter when it was written. It’s a secret weapon to content success.

Benefits of Evergreen Content

The main benefit of evergreen content is that it provides long term, sustained value, rather than the ebbs and flows seen with topical or time sensitive content. This means that even content that is 12 months old should still be contributing to traffic, referrals, visibility, conversions and social presence.

Another benefit of evergreen content is that it lends itself to content recycling. Consider that some of the biggest challenges for marketers are producing engaging content, and creating enough content to be able to publish regularly. If you’ve put the effort into generating something great, it makes sense to want to squeeze as much value out of it as possible. It’s much easier to reuse or recycle evergreen content at a later date than it is with topical content, transforming an old blog post into an infographic, for example.

How to Create Evergreen Content

There are 2 aspects to take into account when creating evergreen content:

1. The topic or subject matter: The topic should ideally be broad enough to retain relevance at all times, although news stories and key events within your industry can be used as inspiration for the piece.

2. The presentation format: The way information is presented to the reader is hugely important, with educational guides, ‘how to’ posts, FAQs, and list articles often working better for evergreen content.

For example, ‘The Hottest Destinations to Visit This Summer’ could be transformed into…

  • Searching for Sun? Your Guide to What’s Hot, and When!
  • How to Minimise the Chance of a Holiday Washout
  • Ideal Holiday Destinations by Month
  • 10 Year-Round Holiday Hotspots

Topical content should still form an important part of your content marketing strategy. After all, an ability to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments from within your industry is a great way to drive traffic. But don’t overlook the power of evergreen content… It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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