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The CSS Opportunity

In September 2017 the EU Commission ruled Google was unfairly giving advantage to Google Shopping in the search auction. They were fined €2.4bn and told to allow competing services access to the auction. Consequently, Google opened the auction to 3rd party Comparison Shopping Services (CSS’s) and to encourage take up have offered huge discounts on ad spend.

Most CSS providers charge advertisers for the pleasure of getting this discount. Vendably are different: we believe access to the discount should be free and that you should get maximum benefit from any incentives offered.

But the discounts won’t last forever. In fact, Google announced recently that part of the rebate will stop at the end of 2018.

To take advantage of this rebate before it goes, contact Vendably today.

How it works

The process is really simple. By linking your Google shopping activity to Vendably your ads appear in the Google shopping ad unit as usual but route via our CSS. This is indicated by the ‘By Vendably’ text at the bottom of the ad. Google applies the discount in two ways.

Discount comes in two forms:

1) A rebate on your advertising spend every 30 days. In October this is up to 30% of spend to a maximum of $32,000. From 1 November to 31 December 2018 this is 5% of spend, up to a maximum of $100,000

2) Up to 20% on your regular CPC. So, if your average CPC is 30p, we can help you reduce it to 21p.

Get started

1. Simple online sign up

Our simple online registration process guides you through every step.

2. Connect to Vendably

Connect your Google Merchant account to Vendably and import your products.

3. Manage your campaign

Manage your campaigns as normal, benefiting from the current incentives.

Click sign up now to get sarted straight away or contact us to discuss the options in more detail

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