E-commerce brands often have a difficult time with blogging and content in general as it can be difficult to get creative and source ideas which aren’t already out there. Brainstorming, strategising, researching and actually creating blog content is no 10-minute task, meaning the temptation is to not bother at all or, to do so only occasionally.

When leveraged properly and performed consistently, blog content can bring a wealth of benefits to e-commerce sites and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

  1. It helps grow your traffic

One of the biggest reasons to be strict about maintaining a regular blog schedule is that it can play a substantial role in site traffic acquisition. Today’s shoppers are naturally savvy and will do their research before deciding on a brand. A good mix of content, covering each stage of the buyer journey and offering information, education, entertainment and how to advice, is a magnet for web traffic. The more posts you publish, the more reasons you’re giving search traffic to visit your site and the more pages you have to be indexed on Google.

  • Blogs can build your credibility and authority

Whatever your e-commerce website sells, whether it’s dog shampoo, home appliances or clothing, blogs are an easy way to help you grow brand trust and authority. Each blog you post reveals a little bit about your business – how much you know, how trustworthy you are and how much value you can add to customer’s day to day lives. If you blog often, you give your customers more reasons to return to your site and more reasons to trust you, remember your brand and perhaps, choose you as their supplier of choice.

Being vocal about industry trends, offering clear cut advice on complex matters, proving useful buying guides, question and answers and other blogs all speak to your expertise. And when done regularly, they help to create a strong positive impression with customers.

  • Blogs can help you target position zero

Rich snippets are commonly referred to as position zero in the search results as this is a band of text which appears above the number one ranked site. A rich snippet is used to answer a question or give a definition and usually it will appear in response to searches such as “how do you…?” “what is….?” “how are ….?”.

Blogging naturally provides you with lots of material to target this position zero – which leads to more search visibility and more traffic.